Samuel Blanchard, 1707, April 22— The oldest epitaph and burial in the cemetery. Here lyes ye body of Samuel Blanchard who departed this Life on ye 22, of April 1707 in ye 78th year of his age. Ye memory of ye just is blessed. Samuel Blanchard’s home was on the site of 36 Haggetts Pond Road, 2 ½ miles from the cemetery. Samuel was a Proprietor and house holder before 1681, Selectman in 1687.

Deacon Soloman Holt, 1888, April 3, age 84— Deacon and founding member of West Parish Church, 1826, July 11, Solomon Holt sells to the Proprietors of the Meeting House westerly side of the Shawsheen River 1 acre of land to build the church. Solomon Holt’s home and farm was 111 Reservation Road. A plan of the farm Holt by Nathan Abbott 3rd, July 14, 1847 shows 131 acres. Currently all the land contained within the cemetery with the exception of the original 1 acre burying ground and all the land that now comprises the West Parish Meadow AVIS Reservation east of Reservation Road was once part of Holt’s farm.

John Smith, 1886, Feb. 25 age 89— Co-Founder of Smith & Dove Manufacturing Company 1836 first flax mill in United States, philanthropist, abolitionist, established Free Church in Andover, founder of Andover Memorial Hall Public Library.

Peter Smith, 1880, July 6, age 77— Co-Founder of Smith & Dove Manufacturing Company 1836 first flax mill in United States, philanthropist, Deacon of West Parish Church.

Peter Dove Smith, 1911, Jan. 16 age 69— son of Peter Smith, President of Smith & Dove Manufacturing Co. Selectman, Deacon of West Parish Church and cemetery board treasurer. Civil War veteran, wounded at the battle of Spottsylvania in 1864.

Benjamin Franklin Smith, 1908, Feb. 27 age 29— grandson to Peter Smith, Treasurer of Wood Mill & Assistant Treasurer to American Woolen Company. Memorial Arch at entrance of the cemetery is dedicated to his memory.

Susanna Smith Purdon, 1882–1974, age 92— granddaughter of Peter Smith, West Parish Church member, philanthropist. Bequests established Smith Purdon Fund of West Parish Church and the research library and achieves of the Andover Historical Society.

Mary Byers Smith, 1983, Feb 1, age 97— daughter of Joseph W. Smith and grand daughter of John Smith, 1st woman to serve on the Andover school committee, Graduate of Smith College 1908. trustee of Memorial Hall Library, founded the Hampshire Bookshop in North Hampton 1916, trustee of New England Hospital for Women and Children, treasurer of Orchard Home for Girls in Boston. Volunteer with the state Department of Social Services as well as well as helping to set up libraries in hospitals and prisons.

Esther W. Smith, 1952, Oct. 15, age 81— daughter of Peter Dove Smith, Policewoman in Andover for 40 years, and excellent marksman with a rifle, active in town affairs, member of West Parish Church and the Andover Garden Club.

William Madison Wood, 1926, Feb. 2, age 68— President of American Woolen Company, the largest woolen company in the world, philanthropist. Enlarged and redesigned West Parish Cemetery 1908, created Shawsheen Village 1918–1924 model community, Andover Country Club and Arden Trust.

Ellen Wheeton (Ayer) Wood, 1951, July 6 age 91— wife of William M. Wood, daughter of Frederick and Cornelia (Wheeton) Ayer of Lowell, MA. philanthropist.

William Madison Wood Jr., 1922, August 15 age 30,son of William Wood, Vice President of American Woolen Co. WWI Navy Veteran. Founder and President of Edington & Co.

Cornelius A. Wood, 1972, May 13, age 78— son of William M. Wood, 2nd and 1st Vice President & President of American Woolen Company. President and director of the Park Square Building Co., Boston, president of Shawsheen Realty Co. Veteran of WWI & WWII.

William Madison Wood III, 2005, March 19— Grandson of William M. Wood, veteran of W.W. II

Rev. Cornelius Ayer Wood Jr., 2005, June 5, age 84— National Institute of Public Affairs, (fellow) Washington, executive secretary to Federal Security Administrator 1947-1951, work with the Episcopal Bishop of Washington, and affiliations with American Arbitration Assoc. of New York, Penn Community Services Inc. St Helena Island, SC. New York Society of Security Analysts, Boston Society of Security Analysts, Washington Society of Investments Analysts & the Financial Analysts Federation.

John Franklin, 1942, May age 74— Civil engineer, Chief engineer of the American Woolen Company, Designer of the layout of West Parish Garden Cemetery 1908, the stone bridge and all the landscaping. Designer of Shawsheen Village 1918–1924.

George C. Shattuck, 1923, Sept. 23— Andover native, Architect, designed the Arch, Chapel, Tomb and Stone cottage of West Parish Cemetery while draftsman at Shepley, Rutan & Coolidge of Boston. In 1915 he became a partner in Coolidge and Shattuck after the deaths of Shepley and Rutan. Received medal of the Boston Society of Architects for the Boston Lying-In Hospital.

Frank H. Hardy, 1946, Jan 30, age 75— Co-founder of the Hardy Brush Company, town Selectman, member of West Parish Church, instrumental in development of the cemetery and building of the American Woolen Company mills in and construction of Shawsheen Village.

Charles A. Hardy, 1913, Dec. 23, age 72— Father of Frank H. Hardy, Co-founder of Hardy Brush Company. Veteran of the Civil War 13th District of Columbia Volunteers.

Perley F. Gilbert, 1956, May 5, age 87— Architect and head of firm Perley F. Gilbert Associates of Lowell, MA. , graduate of Punchard 1887, Phillips Academy, MIT, designer of Andover Junior High and Memorial Auditorium (now Andover School Administration buildings), Orlando Cottage – The Lanam Club, and West Parish vestry 1926.

Granville K. Cutler, 1933 May 24, age 67— Purchasing Agent for American Woolen Company for 35 years, member of School Committee and town finance board, overseer of cemetery expansion and Chairman of the cemetery board 1908–1933.

William A. Trow, 1947, Nov. 20 age 80— Established Armstrong Knitting Mills in Boston, School Committee and Deacon of West Parish Church. Cemetery board member and past President of Andover Historical Society and Punchard School board of Trustees.

Frederick S. Boutwell, 1939, Feb. 16. age 74— Treasurer and Vice President of the Andover Savings Bank, Director of Memorial Hall Library, member of West Parish Church and instrumental in the 1908 expansion of the cemetery. Cemetery board member and treasurer 1910–1930.

Arthur T. Boutwell, 1940, Sept. 1, age 72— Chemist with Smith & Dove Company and the Ludlow Association, Chairman of the cemetery board 1933– 1940.

Edward Francis Abbott, 1913, April age 61 —Member of West parish, Deacon from 1894–1913, also served as sexton, collector for the parish and Superintendent of the cemetery.

Albert B. Burtt, 1923, May 3, age 53— 1st Superintendent of West Parish Cemetery 1916–1923.

Robert Scobie, 1952, May, 6, age 75— 3rd Superintendent of West Parish Cemetery 1928–1952. Born in Dundee, Scotland came to Andover in 1923, Member of West Parish Church, and St. Mathews Lodge A.F. & A.M.

Arthur R. Lewis, 1981, Nov. 10, age 86— 4th Superintendent of West Parish Cemetery 1953–1978, Andover School committee 12 years, Veteran of W.W.I. and Deacon and Sexton of West Parish Church.

Frances L. Dalton— Artist, teacher and Andover native, listed in Who's Who of American Women Artists.

Charles Upman Bell, 1922, Nov. 11, age 79— Justice of Massachusetts Superior Court 1898–1922.

Rev. James G. Merrill D.D. Minister— Editor of Christian Mirror, President of Fisk University. Son of Rev. James H. Merrill.

Henry Flint Chandler, 1835–1906 – age 71— Medal of Honor – Civil War Sergeant Co E 59 Mass. Infantry.

Willie Carleton Richardson, died October 23, 1909 age 10y. 11m.— son of A.P. Richardson 73 Park Street. Interment was in West Parish Cemetery, he being the first one carried under the new arch since its completion. Willie was a pupil at Stowe school, member of the Intermediate department at South Church and was a member of the Christ Church choir under the leadership of John Bachelder. He died of Peritonitis a result from a fall seven weeks earlier.

Fred H. Henry, 1910 May 25— of Wakefield, formerly of Andover, age 56 died in Philadelphia. Funeral service was held Wednesday afternoon in the chapel in the West Andover cemetery. Mr. Henry was the inventor of a type of car seat generally used in street railway cars. This is the first written account of the chapel being used.

Telemachus “Mike” Demoulas, 2003, May, age 82— Co-founder of the Demoulas Market Basket grocery chain stores and philanthropist. Established the Demoulas Foundation.

Jacob Warren Barnard, 1833–1903— Shoe manufacturing, investment and Real Estate agent, largest land holder in Andover in 1903, Chief Director of the Andover Electric Company, Andover Home for the Aged. Established the Barnard Prize for Composition at the high school.

Arthur W. Cole, 1895–1981— Director of Andover Public Assistance 1936–1961, Trustee of South Church Ministerial Fund and Punchard Free School, Cornell Fund and past President of Andover Home for the Aged. Veteran of WWI.

Walter E. Pike, 1958, Dec. age 82— Treasurer of W.N. Pike and Sons of Lawrence, the company hired in the construction of the cemetery.

Cynthia E.Pike— Teacher and educator, Founder of the Pike School in 1926. Wife of Walter E. Pike.

Rev. James H. Merrill 3rd— minister of West Parish Church April 30, 1856 – Dec. 1, 1879, 23 years and first parish minister buried at the cemetery. Born in Lyndeboro, NH October 16, 1814, Graduate of Dartmouth College 1834, Principal of Academy of Fryeberg, Maine 1834- 36, Graduate of Andover Theological Seminary 1839, Pastor Montague, MA 1839–1856, Married to Lucia Wadsworth Griswold of Fryeberg. Children, Rev. James G., William F, Sara E., Lucia G, & George C. Died October 28, 1886 age 72.

Rev. Donald H. Savage— 11th Minister of West Parish Church Sept. 1, 1937 – March 6, 1945. Born in Pennsylvania September 1, 1907. Graduate of Wesleyan 1929, Boston University School of Theology master’s degree in1931 and S.T.B. degree in 1932. Pastor of Trinitarian Congregational Church in Norton, MA prior to West Parish. He died in the service of the Parish on March 6, 1945 at the Middleton sanatorium of Tuberculosis. Age 37. Married to Adele Brodhead, two children Robert and Jane.

Rev. Newman Mathews— 10th Minister of West Parish Church July 1913 – June 1937 and Minister emeritus 1937–1951. Born in Drayton, Ontario. Graduate of Phillips Academy 1894, Harvard College 1897, University of Toronto and Bangor Theological Seminary. Ordained in Scranton, PA, Pastor in Randolph, NY, Kane, PA and St Petersburg, FL before West Parish. Married to Elizabeth Tomlinson. one son Medwin Mathews. Died November 7, 1951 age 82.

Alexander Ezekiel Cohen— died April 14, 1888. born July 4, 1817, Lipol Poland, son of David & Minda age 74y 11m. and his wife Ann Cohenwho died July 10, 1872. The Cohens are the first Jewish family to be buried at West Parish.

Veterans of the Armed Services— Veterans of all major wars and branches of service are interred at West Parish Garden Cemetery. They are notable for their service to their country and their sacrifice to defend our freedom and liberty. Their graves are marked with American flags on Memorial Day and Veterans Day in tribute to their service and as a visual reminder to all who come to pay respect to loved ones lost.