A unique and interactive hands-on Garden area

The Garden area is a Memorial to Gwen Hedrick, former Chair of the Cemetery. Gwen was a 40 year Andover resident and founding owner of Cuddle Care Daycare, a daycare and education center for area children. Gwen’s dedication to both children and the cemetery are combined in this hands on learning garden of nature for children of all ages. The garden is a tribute to a truly charming and outstanding Andover citizen.

Please note: Adult Supervision is required in the garden area at all times. It is appreciated if children are not allowed to climb the stone wall for safety reasons.

A  wonderful Addition

The areas of the Children’s Garden include:

  • George the Tortoise will greet the children

  • Building fairy houses in the fairy garden area. A true hands on experience for children of all ages

  • Sunken Garden area next to the fountain for story telling and relaxing with the sounds of nature all around or play a great game of Tic-tac-toe with stones

  • Learn about the ABC Garden and see how the letters come alive through all the plantings from A – Z

  • Children’s Library

  • Performing area with a stage and xylophone where children can perform for others or simply entertain themselves

  • Treasure hunt in the Sandbox – a local favorite

  • Shaded Pergola

  • Nature Center with permanent Sundial. See if you can determine what time it is!

  • Teepee area perfect for a great game of hide and seek

Open to the public free of charge!

Please note:

Adult Supervision is required in the garden area at all times