Cobblestone Hill

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Beauty, History, Reflection, Preservation

This non-denominational cemetery welcomes visitors and friends from all walks of life. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the West Parish Garden Cemetery is a unique combination of woodland paths, cobblestone walkways, a stone bridge, and reflecting ponds.

The cemetery contains over 50 acres enclosed by a magnificent stone wall. There is a large selection of locations for plots. In addition to traditional in–ground plots, the cemetery contains a beautiful Columbarium area for cremated remains. This area of the cemetery, Wild Rose Meadow, is located near the Cutler Road Gate of the cemetery. The area contains a walking path and garden area with benches perfect for reflection and peace and quiet. The original cemetery was established in 1692 and enlarged in 1908 with a generous gift from William Wood, Andover textile industrialist.

The triumphal arch, one of the finest examples of stonework in the Commonwealth, serves as the gateway to this historic, pastoral place. The cobblestone path leads to the stone cottage which once served as a meeting place for the bereaved. Continuing down the road,you will find an English-style stone chapel built in 1909 with Tiffany stained glass windows. Directly behind the chapel is a reflection pond and fountain. Exquisite stone walls which were carefully crafted surround the perimeter of the cemetery.

Come experience the quiet beauty of one of New England’s rare garden cemeteries. The West Parish Garden Cemetery offers over 50 acres of gardens, lawns, and woodland trails, open to all.

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