Wild Rose Meadow

A dedicated cremation area At the West Parish Garden Cemetery

West Parish Garden Cemetery now offers an outdoor, alternative tribute area for a loved one’s cremated remains.

The granite columbarium is situated in a beautiful garden area suitable for contemplation and reflection.

Readily accessible and full upright viewing provides an alternative to inground interment.

Meeting Today’s Requirements:

  • Growing demand for cremation services and above ground placements in the Andover and surrounding areas.
  • Accepted form of interment by many religions worldwide.

A Beautiful and Dignified Garden Area:

  • Quiet garden area within a historical cemetery setting.
  • Seating areas for comfortable visits and reflections.
  • A feeling of honor and respect for a loved one in a peaceful setting.
  • Located in a picturesque garden cemetery welcoming Andover and Non-Andover residents.
  • Non-denominational cemetery open to all.

Columbarium Suitable for Individuals or Families:

  • Above ground placement that is easily maintained and easily accessed.  Above ground peace of mind.
  • Granite niches have capacity for one or two urns, and family niches are available.
  • Traditional inscription on each niche.
  • Comparable value to an inground urn placement over time.