West Parish Garden Cemetery is recognized as one of the most magnificent garden cemeteries in New England. The cemetery is Non-denominational and open to all faiths.

Burial Services

The non-profit West Parish Garden Cemetery offers over 50 acres of gardens, lawns, and woodland trails that are open to all. The grounds are impeccably maintained for each season of the year. The walking areas are always well kept and attention is paid to the safety of loved ones visiting the cemetery. The walking paths provide a peaceful setting for reflection and contemplation.

A choice of plot areas is offered to accommodate a variety of personal preferences.

Burial Options

West Parish Garden Cemetery has a wide variety of available lots for burial including single grave lots and large family plots. Cremated remains can either be buried or placed in a standing granite structure called a Columbarium. This Columbarium and garden area is called the Wild Rose Meadow area of the cemetery.

All lots are easily accessible and roads, paths, and walkways are cleared and maintained all throughout the year.

There are lots available in many sections of the cemetery.  Grave lots include single lots, double, four, six, and twelve grave lots suitable for a family plot. Angel’s Corner is specifically designated for infants.


You are welcome to contact our staff to arrange a personal tour of the grounds and facilities, or you can explore on your own. A map with delineations of the various sections of the cemetery can be found here. The grounds are open year round, every day from dawn to dusk.


Pricing information for grave lots and for Columbarium niches are available by contacting the West Parish Garden Cemetery.