Pre-need Planning

Many people find that making funeral and burial arrangements during the loss of a loved one can cause additional and unnecessary stress and anxiety. Pre-need planning for funeral and burial arrangements presents the family with a more suitable option. By making these arrangements in advance, you are able to relieve the family of this responsibility during a very difficult time.

West Parish Garden Cemetery offers assistance with a pre-need program. Our caring and professional staff is available to assist you with the many decisions you will have to make. This is a complimentary service, and we encourage you to make an appointment for a personalized tour of our grounds and the chapel.

Some of the important components of pre-planning at West Parish Garden Cemetery include:

  • Choosing a Funeral Home
  • Making a choice — casket burial or cremation
  • Selecting a burial site or family lot
  • Arranging for pre-payment of the burial site and associated burial fees
  • Choosing a chapel for memorial services
  • Selecting a memorial marker for the gravesite
  • Considering additional memorial options (trees, benches)
  • Arranging for the yearly placement of flowers at the gravesite
  • Arranging for monument cleaning

For you pre-need planning arrangements contact us.