SoHIP 2024 Concert Series – Nota Bene Viol Consort

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The experience of exile can take many forms–from banishment to estrangement to homesickness. The despair of being unwillingly separated from all that is familiar resonates deeply in the human soul. Voices and viols unite in 16th-century polyphony from Spain, France, Holland, Italy, England, and Germany that depicts both physical and psychological exile. From well-known composers Dowland, Rossi, and Ferrabosco to the less known Ruimonte, Camphuysen, and Cavendish, the ensemble has sought out a variety of perspectives on displacement and isolation. Two New England composers, Will Ayton and Roy Sansom, contribute contemporary perspectives on ancient themes. As our society experiences social fragmentation, massive migration, and wars between neighbors, the themes of exile and separation resonate with many of us. This concert connects us across time with people who experienced similar upheavals and sought hope through music just as we do today.

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